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Fencing Options

At Lifescaping, we specialize in the design and installation of a wide variety of fence types and materials. We believe that time spent in the backyard should be for leisure and family life, not labor, so all of our fencing materials are maintenance-free, or close to it, and with our expert installation, your fence will look as good on the day your child graduates high school as it did the day he started kindergarten.


No other construction style provides the privacy of a Board-on-Board fence. The pattern overlaps approximately one inch on each side. In most styles of wood fencing, wood shrinkage causes gaps to form between the boards that compromise the fence’s visual barrier. That shrinkage has no effect on a Board-on-Board fence, because the overlap compensates for it. Another advantage of the Board-on-Board style is that it appears the same from both sides of the fence. It is a good option for neighbors wishing to establish a boundary or a privacy barrier because it has no front or back.

What separates us from the rest are our construction methods. We build our Board on Board fence using a picture framing technique (1”x1” strips that run along the top and bottom of the frame on both sides of the boards), We only use 2”x8” or 2”x12” brown pressure treated kickboards (instead of our competitor’s 1”x8” deck boards) and, we frame with solid 2×4’s compared to a board with a dado, or hollowed out rail used by many contractors.

We use the correct post for the job. Whether it be a 4”x6” or 6”x6” pressure treated post or LifePost®. LifePost® is a trademarked product that many of our customers are choosing. The slogan from the manufacturer states: “Our posts will last longer than you.” Recently tested in the U.C. Davis wind tunnel to withstand winds of greater than 95 mph, it proves to be the best solution on the market, and capable of living up to its slogan.

Board-On-Board with Lattice

Adding lattice to a Board on Board fence makes a dramatic statement. Borg Fences uses a very thick, heavy-duty lattice, framed in with 1”x1” redwood, giving the fence a beautiful finished appearance. It is not only beautiful, but also durable. The lattice measures a full inch in thickness. Lattice is available in the standard diagonal pattern and also a horizontal/vertical pattern. There is also a triple privacy lattice, which as its name implies, provides for the maximum amount of privacy. It is added to a 6-foot fence, which gives you a seven-foot finish for added privacy and sound dampening.

Solid Board Fences

An alternating panel fence is known as a ‘good neighbor’ fence (usually when the neighbors pitch in equally to pay for it). The boards are side by side, and we can alternate the sections with the frame side showing and a smooth boarded side showing. We use 1”x8”, 1”x6”, or 1”x4” redwood boards, with or without kickboards, depending on what is needed.

Dog-Ear Fences

Dog-Ear style of fencing is perhaps the most common style of fence found in the greater Sacramento area. We use 1”x8”, 1”x6” or 1”x4” redwood boards, with or without kickboards, depending on whether dirt or rock needs to be retained. The boards are set side-by-side and are clipped on each corner, thus giving a Dog-Ear appearance. The Dog-Ear fence also lends itself very well as a “good neighbor” fence.

Louvered Fence

For those who want a privacy fence with a modern touch, the louvered fence is an excellent alternative to the traditional boarded look, offering a contemporary edge and a sophisticated design. Louvered fences are slanted so that they offer substantial privacy and environmental buffering while still allowing air to pass through.

Picket Fence

The idea of a house with a picket fence is an iconic American style. It is sturdy and attractive, with evenly spaced vertical boards that allow daylight to peak through. The pickets keep animals in and out of yards while creating a sense of open space.

Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox fence is one that is completely finished on both sides. Similar in style to a Board-on-Board fence because the unique style in which it is constructed. The rails are staggered to cover the spaces between the boards on each side. There are small spaces though through which the wind can blow.

Custom Fence

Are you looking for something just a little bit different? Just want a curved gate instead of a flat one? No Problem! Need something special? No Worries! Ask our Representatives how Borg Fences can make your idea a reality.

Life Post

Tired of settling for a leaning fence, gates that don’t close properly and posts that twist, rot, and ultimately fail? Frustrated by the cost of frequently repairing or replacing your fence? Here is a product designed and developed by a homeowner for the homeowner. A product that is superior to all others, easy to install, and cost effective.

LifePost now offers posts to build a fence that will last hassle free for life! Our patented steel posts are easy to install. All of LifePost products are galvanized steel. All posts have threaded steel inserts for easy attachment of sideboards or rail brackets.

LifePost Products can be used on any style fence you wish to construct. The posts can be used for a simple two rail, dog ear fence or for a framed in Board-on-Board or louvered style.The wind ratings of LifePost’s four models have been calculated to withstand winds between 73 mph to 130 mph. We offer posts with wind ratings that far exceed any other posts on the market. You can have all this for as little as 10% more than a leaning, twisting, rotting fence.

Lifescaping Fences is the leading installer of ActiveYards® vinyl fence, gates, gazebos and custom designs in California. As a company dedicated to our customers, we encourage the use of vinyl because:
  • It’s economical – At the end of the day, money talks. Because the vinyl is designed to last a lifetime, it is two to four times more cost effective over the life of your fence.
  • Add value – Vinyl is the perfect component to any lawn, pool or flowerbed and will act as a symbol of quality material choices to your guests or potential homebuyer.
  • Easy Maintenance – Let’s face it, who wants to spend their Saturdays re-staining wood? Vinyl’s smooth surface prevents dirt from sticking to it. Whenever the vinyl begins to look dirty, just spray it with a hose and watch the dirt vanish.
  • Design Appeal – Vinyl can be customized in almost any way imaginable. Why settle for the same dog-ear fence, or the same painted white ranch rail? Why not build something modern, permanent and beautiful?
Our Strength is at the Core.

ActiveYards® aluminum fencing with Corigin technology features a solid metal core that runs through the center of each rail to help stand strong through seasons. This makes ActiveYards® the strong, beautiful choice for your yard.

The biggest difference?

No screws. With time and weather, screws on traditionally built fences will loosen, rust or break. Our core is designed with interior locking pivots that grip each picket of the fence just as tightly as screws, but without the wear and tear.

Beauty from all Angles.

Not only does this make for a more gracefully laying boundary; it also eliminates the eyesore screws.

SimTek Fence has revolutionized the fencing industry by introducing rotationally molded fencing allowing for a realistic stone appearance and industry leading performance. With an ability to withstand forceful impacts, its natural graffiti resistance and low maintenance, SimTek fence is a natural choice for many homeowners and associations.

UV12 Fade Resistant

Contains UV12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors. Xeon-Arc chamber tested in an accelerated environment with minimal to no fade.

Color Options

SimTek carries six designer granite colors: Brown, Beige, Grey, Black, Desert and White.

Easy Installation

The most user-friendly fence on the market.

Greener Solution

We care about our environment. The SimTek Fence system is made with recycled and recyclable polyethylene plastic.

Graffiti Resistant

Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer.

Solid Privacy and Security

SimTek provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family.

Maintenance Free/Lifetime Warranty

A maintenance-free solution. Our patented fence will never need painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack. The product is warranted for a lifetime to be free from manufacturing defects.

Cost Effective Solution

Enhance your surroundings with our revolutionary “rock-look” SimTek fencing.

Proudly made in the United States

We proudly install Ecostone/ Simtek fence throughout the state of California including but not limited to the Greater Sacramento Area, The Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Galvanized chain-link fences have been preferred for decades to define property lines, enclose animals, and protect property.

Galvanized chain-link fences have been preferred for decades to define property lines, enclose animals, and protect property.

Available with semi-privacy and privacy slats, chain link fences are very versatile and can provide you with the privacy and strength you need. Chain-link fences can preserve views and provide security at the same time.

Protection, Property Border, Low Maintenance, or Privacy – Chain-link is suited for a number of applications.

We proudly install chain-link fencing throughout the state of California including but not limited to the Greater Sacramento Area, The Bay Area and Los Angeles.

At Lifescaping, we construct a wrought iron fence by welding each panel to the posts, but we can use brackets if otherwise specified. We wire brush all our welds and then prime and paint for a superior appearance. The iron materials we utilize are typically powder coated, but some custom applications require the use of paint to preserve the finish of the product.

In addition, biasable iron panels are available which enable us to contour or slope the panel while maintaining vertical symmetry with all of the iron rods.

Many customers choose truly unique and custom applications. We will be happy to indulge any iron idea you may have for your custom fence or gate.

We proudly install wrought iron fence throughout Northern California including but not limited to Greater Sacramento and the Bay Area,

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