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Tanya W. – Culver City, CA

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Wow! I’m amazed at the negative reviews here. I am so happy with our experience with BORG FENCING. We have 2 separate experiences with them and both have been more than satisfactory. We were desperate for a fence when our 2 labs and pit bull busted through the fence at our new house and visited our neighbors. Luckily, the neighbors were great about it. We knew the old rickety fence needed to be replaced soon but they just made it sooner. I had used Home Depot in the past for our fence needs and was happy with their work. Home Depot sent our job to Borg Deck and Fencing. Matt, the estimator, came out quick and was super friendly, efficient and professional. At that time, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and needed to have the fence completed quickly. They were super accommodating. We also needed our gate replaced. Within 10 days, we had a new fence and gate put up. They were able to do it in 1 day, which was so nice so we could let the dogs out again. The beautiful redwood fence with a kick plate really looked attractive. We did have a problem with our gate not closing properly but after talking with them they came out and fixed the problem without hassle. This was in May 2014. Then in October 2014, our new neighbors on the other side of the house were doing some construction and broke through the old rotting fence on that side. I immediately called Matt. He was able to come out the next day and gave us a price that was very competitive with the other companies. This was a 140 foot fence! I was amazed at how wonderful this company is that even though they were busy they could fit us in. They knew that with 3 dogs and 3 young kids, we were cooped up in the house until this new fence went in. Within days, we were schedule and they actually were able to move the day to a Saturday in order to get this fence up for us quickly. They arrived at 8:30am, ready to work. They encountered some property issues and actively kept us updated on their progress. They were able to keep the fence level despite elevation problems and straight despite having to work around an electric pole, a huge tree, and the neighbors shed. I am AMAZED at their work and professionalism. They were able to salvage our existing gate and reattach it in better working order than better. They finished at 3:30pm. I LOVE our new fence!! Thanks so much to Borg Deck and Fence for giving us our backyard back. We are so thankful to you all for your quick response and professionalism.

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